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NM207-CQS Computerized Jacquard Seamless Underwear Knitting Machine

Product features:

1.      Computerized pattern knitting system, with more than 100 USB memory patterns

2.      Germany-imported stainless steel cylinder rotation with little brush, noise and friction

3.      Stitch regulation: by means of servo-controlled stepping motors, allowing precise stitch density control

4.      Japan-imported WAC needle-to needle selection actuators

5.      Italy-imported air valve ensures to maintain the stability of yarn control

6.      Sensors for yarns running to reduce fabric breakage

7.      Electronic winding up roller for fabric take-down

Technical specification:

1.        Diameters: 13 -16

2.        Gauge: 18G -28G

3.        Max speed: 100RPM

4.        Feeds: 8

5.        Yarn fingers: 4 per feed

6.        Type of selection: 1 actuator per feed at 16 livers

7.        Feeder: with 10 memory active yarn feeders

8.        Pattern input: USB memory patterns and computer input

9.        Power and voltage: 2.2KW (main motor), three phases 380V

10.    Compressed air: 6ATM

11.    Gross weight: 580 -720KG

12.    Size: 1980X1980X 2700mm


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