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1£®   Compact Carriage£ºJS204-J features a completely new carriage system which is 20% smaller and 30% lighter than its predecessor. This design yields quicker and more responsive carriage and increased productivity, all while minimizing structural stress on the machine for increased durability.
2.      Sinker Knit System: with this system, it offers products that are superior in stretch and strength as well as featuring excellent conformity to the shape of hands, which is vital for performing precision work.
1.      3-Finger Palm Device: With this option the upper palm portion below the middle-three fingers is knitted separately from the rest of the palm. This not only provides a better fit, but also makes it easier to mount gloves onto moulds for processing of latex dotting and dipping.

2.       U2 Device: It is specially designed to produce high-quality pile-knitted gloves with different materials inside and outside.
3.        U3 Device: Together with U2 device, it can produce partially pile-knitted gloves.

4.        X-yarn Device£ºIt eliminates the necessity for using post-knit overlock sewing machines at the cuffs. The X-yarn device is therefore an effective way to cut manual labor costs and increase overall productivity.

5.        Size Changing System: A variable needle selection drum enables the number of needles to be changed simply by changing the pins as required. Two different sized gloves can then be knit through the combined use of the optional size changing system. This helps realize greater versatility and more economical production planning.


Technology Specification

Computerized Glove Knitting Machine
              Size in needles
  L: 88
  M: 83
  S: 78
  L: 103
  M: 93
  S: 83
  150 pairs/day
                  Stand ratio
  25-40 sets/person
                 Max. Speed
  Long way: 140rpm
  Short way: 280rpm
              Motor& Power
  Single phase, 220V 300W
               Stop Motion
  Yarn break, delivery, motor overload, total piece count, power supply, etc.
  1,256mm (L) x 680mm (W) x 1,700mm (H)
             container capacity
  32 sets/ 20¡¯ FT     72 sets/ 40¡¯HQ
¡¤ Glove Knitting Machine
¡¤ Glove
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